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5 Olutosin Ajayi Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos. Nigeria

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Powerpal Nigeria Ltd

The Best Provider of Solar & Inverter Energy


Our Mission

Our Vision


Improving quality of life and achieving significant and measurable energy cost savings by deploying clean, reliable, affordable and sustainable renewable energy solutions to homes, businesses, schools and medical facilities across Nigeria.

To be a leading brand in the Nigerian energy space offering customer centric services and premium products.
Powerpal Nigeria Limited is established and registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission as an engineering firm with focus on the renewable energy sector of the Nigerian economy.The Company started its operations in August, 2019 and has supplied uninterrupted power solutions to over a 100 clients(as of August 2020) and counting

Best Energy Solutions

Over a decade of rich experience in the energy sector.

End-To-End Services

Vast experience in power evacuation, liaisoning and working with state.

Global Expertise

A perfect blend of global experience and expertise to further our focus on technology. advancement.

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Happy Customers


Few Reasons to Choose Us

Why us

 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

Best Value Cost of Ownership

Purchase guaranteed products at one of the lowest cost of any other provider and take control of your monthly electricity bill.

Peace of Mind Installation

Order your renewable energy solutions from us and we’ll take care of the rest. From complete building assessment to installation, every step is carried out seamlessly and in no time.

Support And Maintanace

We offer full support and predictive maintenance services for all our products.Guaranteeing all our systems perform at optimal levels and for very long periods.
how we work

Solutions We Offer


for private

Standard User Solutions

for commercial

Special Corporate Solutions

Operating Model


Powerpal Nigeria Limited delivers both roof mount and ground mount solar system to meet specific need of the consumer. The panels and control systems deliver results without unscheduled outages or damage. Powerpal started out in the solar home systems space but is gradually moving towards mini grids, commercial and industrial side of business.
The company operates on three models to sell its products and services

  • Energy as a service : Gives a customer access to the facilities while he pays rental for use as would a subscription.
  • Lease to own model: Payments can be spread across 12 – 48 months.
  • Outright acquisition.

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Powerpal is among the nation’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.