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Used mainly for the overloading and short circuit protection in DC distribution system equipment and electric equipment. It can be widely used in electric, post, traffic, mining enterprise and different kinds of fields.

DC MCB 63A Features:

  1. Thermoplastic shell, full inlet, impact resistant, recyclable, self extinguishing
  2. Super safety: classic U tunnel terminal, to ensure that the line connection is solid and reliable
  3. The original air flow, can effectively reduce the temperature between adjacent circuit breaker
  4. Safety handle, classic original design, ergonomic

DC MCB 63A Parameters:

Pole 1P,2P,3P,4P
Rated Current(In) 1A,3A,6A,10A,16A,20A,32A,40,50A,63A
Rated Operating Voltage DC12V-DC1200V
Standard IEC/EN60947
Breaking Capacity 250V/550V/750/1000V/1200V 6KA; 800V 3KA
Characteristic Curve B,C,D
Working Temperature ‘-5’ to +40
Protection Degree IP20
Installation 35MM DIN RAIL



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