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Earn With Us

Forward By Powerpal


Recommend our Products and Services and Earn 2% – 3% commission on every referral that converts to a paying customer! This translates to anywhere from N20,000 to N80,000 depending on product or package.

No Multi-level marketing, No minimum orders, No probabilities. Once we get paid, you get paid.

It’s that straight-forward.

Earn up to N80,000
on every paying customer
you refer

How Does It Work?


Start making extra money promoting Powerpal’s services in a few steps
It’s easy as 1… 2… 3…


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As a Forward Partner, you get access to resources, regular price updates and other bonuses asides your regular commission payments. Sign up today

Refer Our Packages

Earn commissions from every sale you refer to us. We would provide you with tools and resources needed to be effective at no cost to you


Make Money

When your referrals pay for any of our energy packages, you earn and get paid your commission  immediately.


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some questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Do I need to join the forward program to get commission on referrals?

Not at all. You don't need to join the forward program to get commissions on referral. If you know someone who is interested in getting a solar or inverter system, you can recommend us to them and give you a commission

2.Why then do I need to join the forward program?

For people who would like to earn regular extra income or have another side hustle, joining the forward program is the best bet. It put's you in the drivers seat. You get access to resources, trainings, tools , regular updates and even extra bonuses that would help you maximize your earning power.

We would do our best in helping you to succeed in whatever goals you have set for yourself, because we succeed when you succeed. 

3.Are your products and services good?

Yes. We pride ourselves in delivering world class products and services.

All our products are backed by industry standard warranty and we offer regular after-sales support to all our customers, so you can be rest assured that recommending us would not be to the detriment of your relationships. Matter of fact, many people tend to thank those who recommend us to them 

4.Do you give targets that should be met as part Of being in the program

No, we do not give any targets to be met. You are in the drivers seat in the forward program. You get to decide and set your own personal targets. You get to decide how much you want to earn in a month, in a week or in three weeks. It all depends on your financial goals.

But you can be rest assured that we are always ready to support you achieve your goals.

We do reserve the right to remove you from the program after 6 Months of inactivity on your part.

5.What skills do I need to have to join the program?

The program is open to everyone regardless of their educational background. We would provide you with resources that would bring you up to speed on the basic solar and renewable energy. We also provide tools that would help you effectively recommend the right products to people without having to manually do the calculations yourself.

We also run technical training programs from time to time on solar and other renewable energy. This trainings would also be open to those who would like to further hone their knowledge and skills.


6.Am I under any obligation to Powerpal by joining this program

Yes. While referring Powerpal's product and services to acquaintances, you are required to follow good moral and ethical codes. No intentional misrepresentation of our products and services or overplaying what they can do. We are also very customer centric so we expect you to be kind, patient and respectful while recommending our products to people. If we get complaints from people on your conducts while referring them to Powerpal or we discover you intentionally misrepresent our products or services, we would drop you from the program.

Other than that, you are in no way financially or time-wise obligated to Powerpal. You are in the driver's seat and your own boss in the program.

Have Questions? We are Here to Help You!

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